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Products - Hex Head Cap Screws

Keystone Screw Corporation manufactures high quality hex head cap screws for almost every application


Manufactured in both brass and silicon bronze, Keystone's hex head cap screws are ideal for a wide variety of applications.


Keystone's quality control department carefully inspects each screw to ensure its performance in its intended application.


Keystone has the capacity to satisfy large production orders on time, and at very competitive prices.


Depend on Keystone for all of your hex head cap screw requirements!




The process begins with a "cut off" or "blank"

which is cut from the original coil of wire.



The blank is then struck on the end and

forms the beginning shape of the head.



Next, the second part of the three die

sequence forms the pre-trimmed head.



Final of the three die process is the formation

of the trimmed hex configuration.



The threads are then rolled on to finish

the manufacturing of the screw.